It took me some time to act on developing a blog as I’ve been contemplating creating one 2012-11-26 07.10.48for awhile now. As something that is growing like myself, this is completely a work in progress! It definitely took me forever to plan out what I wanted to be posted on this blog… I even created an outline… says a lot huh?! Here it goes:

I’m a registered nurse from good ole’ New Jersey. I started this blog because I wanted to share my knowledge and thoughts to those who would potentially be my readers. InspireMe will cover posts and pages of everything I can think of! Particularly, I want to utilize this blog as a way to reach out to people who are in the nursing world; whether they are nursing students or graduate nurses like myself. I have a great desire to get out there and help and have an overwhelming interest in humanitarian aide/volunteer work. I hope to begin my journey soon once I have begun to establish myself in my career and overall lifestyle.

I also plan to share anything about Nursing… because indeed it is a wonderful profession. In addition to; Recipes, pictures, stories… you name it… : )

I have dealt with many experiences through my walk in life and I hope I can be a support system for someone in need. Grief is something I deal with every single day and I will not shy away from posting about it; I encourage those who can relate to share or seek a person/place to confide in.

I am a huge book worm and you will never see me without a book! Books are also another interest I would like to share; so be prepared to get my thoughts and recommendations. 

I think of myself as witty, humorous and an enthusiast of all kinds. I’ve been told I have a certain type of dry humor and frankly I love it! I love to write (hence this creation) and obviously share my thoughts. I hope this blog appeals to those who are like me and to those who aren’, I hope they can also get a good bite out of the stuff I post!

I have come to a point in my life where I can just throw my hands up and look the other way at negativity, so I would appreciate it if that is not displayed if any comments are to be made… words do hurt a lot and I definitely am someone who does not stand for it.

This has been a lengthy “About” section, but hopefully I have provided information so that everyone can get a better idea of who I am and not a just a creeper sharing her most vivid and influential thoughts! Enjoy with your heart and bring good to everyone with a smile!

I also have an aboutme page so please check that out also! (http://about.me/tulsi.patel/#)


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