Love Getting Creative with Makeup?! Check Her out:

Hi fellow peeps!

I was hoping to have a section on makeup on InspireMe, after all makeup and beauty can be very inspirational. After much debate (took me like ten minutes!), I decided not to. I only “put a face on” (thats what I call putting makeup on lol) when I’m going out, I think over the years I’ve toned it down… why?… ehhh I think I’m just too lazy! I do take advantage of “HACing” – courtesy of – Cara whose blog I also follow;she is a wonderful make-up artist!

However, I would like to share my closest friends’ blog. She is a new bee in the blogging business like myself but she definitely rocks at doing makeup! Reema, covers everything from the night-out look to the simple, “I am going to do errands but I look like a raccoon” look. Reema knows how to add that simple glow, especially when we find ourselves in a dull lighting. Since she is starting out, she has a few posts but I am sure she will expand, once she finds the time. I know Reema, through our undergraduate careers at Temple University and she has stuck by my side since Day One! I can rave on and on about her but here are somethings she covers on Simply Radiant:

– Skin Care

– Doing make-up and the perils of owning the “right” tools. (I put right in quotations because THERE ARE SO MANY RIGHT TOOLS!! and it of course depends on your preference).

– Her own personal advice – and I assure you she has the knowledge one needs for the make-up industry! When we were roommates, I used to watch her apply her make-up …. I swear I am not a creeper…!

– Highlight and Contouring (aka HAC)

I have her linked to “The blogs I follow” in the lower right hand corner. But here is where I can link you up…¬†

Definitely, take advantage of her blog… follow us and expand your knowledge … you brainiacs!

Love & Peace … TP