My Fab Five Books!

Like any other reader, I don’t think I have exactly a “fab five”, but I guess this is to make things easier. Of course, I’ll be posting many more but to get things rolling this seems like a pretty good start. I definitely will not be giving a synopsis, perhaps a small description and if it tickles your fancy then start reading! Throughout the years I have either met someone like me who loves to read or someone who who hates it… its a hobby in my eyes; not a bad thing if you hate it either… people have their reasons, right?! So here it is (in no particular order):


The Solitude of Prime Numbers is by far one of the grandest novels I’ve read. It was something I read recently and it immediately had to jump up on my favorites list! The author Paolo Giordano is a particle physicist, which is something I was intrigued by because you wouldn’t expect a physicist to write such a novel. He mysteriously ties in his love for prime numbers to his main characters, thus making them as mischievous as the prime number series itself. I think this is an awesome novel, it has an unusual perspective of love and I could not stop reading! Definitely worth checking out and the upside is, its pretty short so for those who have a distaste for the longer than usual books this is perfecto!


The infamous Perks of Being a WallFlower by Stephen Chbosky; why I chose this one is because I have read it three times and still haven’t got bored. I am sure most of you know what this book is about since a movie has been made but I encourage those who have only watched the movie to read the book; the insight it offers is wonderful. I find that my past relates most to the main character, particularly due to the fact that he keeps to himself. Once he discovers his admiration for friends and the like, the book takes off. One of the themes I see in this is that the human mind is an expert at subconsciously hiding what we cannot or do not want to face…. If you haven’t read it, please do!

Lipstick in Afghan

Lipstick in Afghanistan by Roberta Gately is a novel I recently finished! The novel follows a nurse who is interested in reaching out to individuals in third world countries. Lipstick in Afghanistan, definitely expanded my interests in humanitarian/volunteer work and I have since researched a multitude of projects and NGO’s. It is intertwined with the life of a nurse as well the stories that the main character experiences. It is a portal for experiencing a new culture and provides for a new outlook on those individuals who continue to deal with war and death. I believe, this novel really let me come to terms with the extravagant life I live when compared to those in countries like Afghanistan. It is something worth looking into, everyone has a life that is equal and in my opinion, if fortunate people like us can help, then its only a blessing, not for us but for those who live in war and hate.


Siddhartha by Herman Hesse; In my opinion, Herman Hesse is one of the greatest writers that has walked this planet! I have read two books by him and still find myself reverting back to his writing. I will say that his writing is complex but each piece tells a wondrous story of the journey of life. For many, this may fall into the religion realm but for me it opens up a different perspective. It is the story of how a man journeys to find the religion we all know as Buddhism and what an enlightening journey it is! Siddhartha is bound with a spiritual elegance and thought provoking insight. Although, Siddhartha  is an incredibly short novel, it takes awhile to understand the writing. Hopefully, it appeals to the more kindred, humble souls out there… it definitely did for me!

Inside of a Dog

Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz. Exceptional is all I have to say. Hands down, this book is for animal lovers, especially dog lovers. Alexandra Horowitz is a researcher who digs into the psyche of a canine. I appreciate all animals and particularly love dogs. I myself, do not have any pets of my own (I blame it on my mom!), but one of my dearest cousins has a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier and she is the ultimate likable personality. Inside of a Dog, holds a lot of research and evidence based on the canines character; from the nose to the tail, everything is explained in detail. The author also throws in a few bits about her own personal canine friend, whom she loves to pieces! This book is full of information, but its worth reading because you only learn to appreciate the canine breed more than before. These are souls that cannot speak, who do not have opposable thumbs but end up expressing an unimaginable amount of love and gratitude, teaching us to appreciate our lives just as it is.

So, thats the list! I hope it can really introduce new books to those who haven’t heard of them or intrigue some of you non-readers. Knowing me, this list is bound to change, but I plan on adding different books through different posts, these are just the ones I would definitely read again without thinking about it twice!

** The pictures I have pulled from Google Images nor do I own any. (just in case those Feds come for me … ha ha)

Hope you all enjoy !

Live in the beauty of Life

TP ❤